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Whisky Casks

“Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink. – Haruki Murakami

Crowns 3 Whisky Casks Offers

Only a limited number of casks will be made available each year. If you are an individual, Company owner or director, Hotel, private club, restaurant society, or group of friends that enjoy great whisky, Crowns 3 Cask Offers will let you create your own, utterly unique dram, keeping you involved from cask selection to bottling.

We have put together the most extensive range of vintage single malt casks on offer anywhere.

Payment will come in two simple stages. Initially you pay for the cask, and the spirit insurance and storage. When you or we advise and decide your cask is to be bottled you will pay for bottling and labeling, plus Excise Duty. We will bottle your whisky at a time of your choosing, with a label that you approve and can incorporate your own branding.

caskCrowns 3 offer customized Whisky casks

Those interested in owning a private label have to buy a cask of single malt whisky, which translates into 250 to 300 bottles (each of 750ml volume).

Each cask differs in taste; when an individual lays claim to a cask, it becomes one-of-its kind product in the world. In comparison, regular single malts are predefined in taste and attributes. Commercially available single malts contain 43% alcohol, whereas in private labels, this content is higher and owners can specify the level.

The age of our single malt casks available can vary from 10 years to 44 years, and in some cases even higher. The cost of private labels depends on factors such as brand, labels, age, variants, and availability . The labels are designed specially with customised messages and names, and the bottle can be presented in handcrafted wooden boxes.

The demand for private labels is to celebrate various occasions and represents great profits for the commercial clients. “We’re currently offering these to commemorate alumni get-togethers, weddings, personal milestones, and anniversaries. Hotels, restaurant chains, and bars are other clients interested in owning private labels.”

Luxury hotels, too, have been active in the private label business, an extension of the bespoke experience they offer to guests. The ITC Group of Hotels has its label of a Glenfiddich 1975.

The Taj Group of Hotels has its label of a Macallan 21 years.

Vivanta by Taj has a 17-year-old Aberlour.