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Single Malt Whisky a Good Investment

CROWNS III IS HELPING MAKE SINGLE MALT WHISKY A GOOD INVESTMENT. BY YESSAR ROSENDAR Precious Liquid - Single Malt Whisky a Good Investment OLD IS GOLD—Things from the past are rising in value, due in large part to their scarcity. Modern art, vintage mechanical watches and wines have all become investment grade items, all falling under the broad term of alternative investments. Recently single malt whisky has joined the ranks of this investment, comparable to what has happened with wine investments. Single malt whisky is regarded as the pinnacle of Scotch whisky, as about 90% of Scotch whisky is a blend. With supply limited and demand rising, prices have been appreciating. One example, in 2014 at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, a Macallan 6-liter “M” Decanter by Lalique, fetched $628,205—soaring past its $500,000 high estimate— and set a new auction record for a single malt whisky. The previous record was achieved by Sotheby’s New York...

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city of dreams manilla

Crowns 3 Luxury supply rare single malt whisky to 5 star hotels Crowns 3 Luxury is proud to announce an on going working relationship with “City Of Dreams Manilla”. The Casino originated in Macau and owned by Melco Crown is regarded as one of the finest and largest Casino Brands in the World. In their anticipation of the grand opening in January 2015 City of Dreams Manilla approached Crowns 3 in the middle of 2014 to supply the very finest drinking whiskies and a selection of our rarest decanters and vintage bottles. Our selections range from The 1950 Macallan Gold label through to The Glenfiddich 38. Although our main priority is the service our private clients this certainly is a very exciting stepping stone into the gaming and hospitality world. With ongoing orders this promises to be a very fruitful working relationship. Crowns 3 Luxury points out that with an increased appetite for the finer...

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