Engage a Consultant

“I don’t have a romantic attachment to what could have been. If I had kept all the work I had ever bought it would feel like Kane sitting in Xanadu surrounded by his loot. It’s enough to know that I have owned and shown so many masterpieces of modern times.

~Charles Saatchi

A consultancy firm like Crowns 3 provides a full suite of services; firstly we have unparalled contacts with artists that have been built up over many years. This enables our consultants to provide Crowns 3 clients with rare and unique opportunities direct from source, thus enabling the client to enter the market competitively and with ease.

As an advisory to the client we also ensure we make all the due diligence not only on the domestic but also the international markets. Furthermore we consult our clients on handling, storage and advising on the eventual sale. This affords collectors and investors greater peace of mind, in the knowledge that every step of the process is in capable hands.

With Crowns 3, investors receive regular updates on the capital growth performance of their portfolios. Furthermore, we provide buy or sell recommendations based on sales’ figures from auctions.