Art Investment Basics

“There are no rules about investment. Sharks can be good. Artist’s dung can be good. Oil on canvas can be good.

~Charles Saatchi

Buying a painting you adore will bring you a long term pleasure and profit, but in any art investment or private purchases it must be handled with care and vigilance.

Art is an asset class by itself, just like commodities, equities or government bonds. But like antiques, wine, whisky and collectable cars, it is not a mainstream asset class, but rather an alternative asset class providing an alternative to more common asset classes like equities.

The art market can be an interesting area to invest in, especially when you already have a spread in commodities like gold, oil, property etc etc. Choose cleverly and purchase what you like and you will have an marvelous asset which can give you a great deal of pleasance. However, unlike many asset classes, Art is something you can touch, feel, and enjoy right from the comfort of your living room at home.

Art is also a broad spectrum. Some people may like a particular artwork and some may not. While most people buy art because they like to look at it, many see it as an investment attracted by its tangible nature and status as an uncorrelated asset class that allows diversification within ones portfolio.

But with any asset class investing in art requires careful consideration and expert advice. The golden rule is always to buy correctly at the right price and with the correct authenticity. This should always see you in good stead.

Crowns 3 work out of a corporate environment and although we have clients seeking to buy artwork merely for collection our emphasis is primarily focused on the investment aspect of Fine Art and delivering innovative solutions to our client base worldwide.

As with any investment Crowns 3 has a team of market analysts and consultants who will track the performance of profitable artists whose work has constantly gone up in value within the secondary market.

The best portfolios are those built over a period of time and those that are well diversified with different genres. This type of portfolio structuring helps to ensure the best financial gain.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything ?

~Vincent Van Gogh