Storage and Insurance

Artworks purchased through Crown 3 will be shipped to client’s choice of bonded warehouse in LondonHong Kong or Singapore.


Artwork is held in in the clients name and clients account bond in a secure & climate-controlled facility within the setup of a customs licensed premise. No customs duty & GST whilst held in bond.

Through Crowns 3 logistic department, the following is ensured:

  1. All works is stored in owners’ names and can only be removed with their consent
  2. An annual audit of clients’ holdings is undertaken by the relevant countries Customs and Excise.
  3. Climate-controlled storing conditions, which are ideal for art storage.
  4. Holdings are held in bond under state-of-the-art security.
  5. Clients’ accounts are maintained individually.
  6. Stored artworks can be released within a few day’s notice and delivered to clients’ chosen address.
  7. Clients have full online access to their portfolio.