Other Wine Investment

Italian, Spanish, Australian & Californian Wine Investment

“The soft extractive note of an aged cork being withdrawn has the true sound of a man opening his heart.

– William Samuel Benwell

Wine writers, industry pundits, investment advisers, collectors and restaurateurs are all waxing lyrical about the drinkability, consistency, desirability and potential of certain Italian, Spanish, Australian & Californian wines, which are all of a uniformly high quality, full bodied and with much diversity in characteristics and flavours.

Over the past decade, certain premium and sought-after cult wines have shown strong capital growth, performing consistently well despite the ups and downs of the local and global economies. ( see graphic below )


The average price of certain investment quality Italian, Spanish , Australian & California wine is much lower than that of investment quality Bordeaux wine and has as much diversity in wine quality and styles as anywhere in the world.

Crowns 3 have forged strong ties with vineyards throughout certain worldwide wine makers and is able to acquire the latest and most sought-after investment fine wines at competitive prices.