Whisky Investment

Crowns 3 is one of the market leaders for consultation in trading exclusive and rare single malt whisky collections & casks.


“Happiness is having a rare steak, a bottle of whisky and a dog to eat the rare steak. – Johnny Carson



Whisky Investment

The demand for rare single malt whisky has exploded and we are perfectly positioned to assist clients in creating high yielding portfolios that are successfully trading in the market today.

With a unrivalled reputation and an exclusive contract with the holder of 80% of the worlds vintage single malt whisky collections our clients have access to some of the most lucrative and rare investment opportunities in the whisky market.

U.K.-based Whisky magazine recently added a Whisky Index that tracks auction prices. The graph in the May issue shows a sharp upward trajectory from May 2009, with prices more than doubling.

‘Rare, expensive whisky: a better bet than stocks’

BRON: REUTERS, 11-2007