Investment for Beginners


Know your consultant.

Always buy only from a wine investment consultancy firm whom you know to be reliable, never from new or unproven consultants.

Get it on track.

Never buy until you know that the wine has an excellent auction track record in markets such as the UK, US and Asia. If a consultant offers you a wine without a proven track record, he is gambling with your money and your wines.

Buy low.

Invest at the price offered by the wine consultant to its clients; the wholesale prices as it were. The maximum potential for growth (and profit) comes when one is able to buy direct from the consultant and in reasonably substantial quantities.

Minimum sum.

Typically, an initial investment would be around $50,000 USD to the seller agent, this sum includes procurement shipping, arranging in the clients name storage and insurance. Wines are kept at the temperature-controlled bonded warehouses that are available internationally and chosen in conjunction with clients needs. Investors do not have to pay taxes as long as their bottles don’t leave the warehouse. The client remains at all time in complete control of their purchase.

Purchase Procedure.

Crown’s 3 accept no monies whatsoever and is solely acting as an advisory firm, Crown’s 3 receive a commission from the ‘Sellers Agent’ which totally separate to the clients purchase. All monies are sent to the designated ‘Seller Agent’ and purchases are dispatched under the buyer’s name to the designated bonded warehouse. Crown’s 3 will advise every step of the way so that the client will be comfortable in the knowledge that their product arrives at the designated warehouse.

Investment Expertise in Asia

The consumption and appreciation of fine wines in the Asian region has increased significantly over the past decade. This is due to a growing number of wine lovers in Singapore and Hong Kong compared to Western countries and Asian wine lovers tend to go for the best when it comes to making an investment.

Crowns 3 currently has around 5000 + clients in Asia Pacific, all of whom benefit from its decade-long presence in the region.